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FALTEC Business model

 FALTEC is capable of providing conversion accessories that meet user needs at every step in a product's lifespan from full-model changes to minor updates.
We also conduct thorough research to gain an accurate understanding of the local area when creating proposals for international projects.
First, we gain an understanding of all events and international projects and initiatives, and then we present all planning proposals tailored to user needs together during the early stage of design.
This enables the most efficient use of OEM parts and metal molds for common pieces as well as strategic scheduling of surface treatment processing to significantly reduce both costs and the number of production steps.

 We have named our business model the Life Cycle Plan, or LCP, which well-recieved by our customers.
 The Life Cycle Plan, or LCP is the unique solution that only FALTEC can provide as a result of the combination of superior technical capability possessed by Hashimoto Forming, an automotive parts manufacturer established in 1917, and the ingenious planning capability possessed by Nissan-Prince, an automotive supplies manufacturer established in 1937.

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 We made good reputation from Automotive manufacturers by proposing LCP. Currently, we are involved in various projects so would like to introduce some pictures as examples.

ファルテックの強み STRONG POINT