Surface Treatment

Surface Treatment

“Bright elastomeric finish surface treatment,” a proprietary FALTEC technology, offers great advantages. It employs the vacuum vapor deposition technique in which metal is evaporated in a vacuum state and evaporated atomic particles are made to form a thin layer of metal for uniform adhesion to the part’s surfaces. This makes it possible to give a bright finish even to the relatively soft surfaces of plastic products. Through the deposition of a clear, conductive metal layer, it also allows for the development of radio-permeable plastic parts. Expectations are high for applications of such plastic parts to an advanced road traffic system with the use of radar or other means. FALTEC’s proprietary Flexbright technology can treat plastic materials with a metallic coating that is highly adaptable and self-restoring but also meets quality requirements. Moreover, for coating plastics we have developed and produce hexavalent chromium (Cr VI) plating, as well as trivalent chromium (Cr III) plating, which is highly resistant to the corrosion caused by snow melting chemicals.

  • Plating (Cr III)

  • Plating (Cr VI)

  • Plating (platinum and satin finishes)

  • Metallic coating

  • ACC cover